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Bobby and Meg

Border Collies

Bobby and Meg came to us all the way from Scotland after being kept in a dark shed for years. Bobby is 14 and Meg is 6. Both poor pups had never been cared for properly and being locked in a cold dark shed. Bobby came to us with his fur completely matted and starving. We later learned both pups had been kept without water and only had a few wet biscuits to keep them going. Both Bobby and Meg have now been rehomed. Bobby is living in his quiet retirement home, while Meg is out living her best life enjoying her freedom. These two absolutely broke our hearts we are so so happy these to found their forever home 


Border Collie

Max was rehomed from us 4 years ago. However, he was returned to us after his owner claimed he was incontinent at the grand old age of 12. However, this is not the case. Max is currently in his forever home with our Chairwoman Mel (where he is affectionately known as Moose) who added him to her pack in November.

Mel snapped him up straight away when she saw how sad he was in the kennels. Since being with Mel Max has shown no signs of incontinence. We are so sad that his previous owners fell out of love with him - but we are confident he'll never be up for adoption again


Stafforshire Bull Terrier

Millie came to us at the beginning of 2019 after a local lady bought her from a man who had been abusing her. We received a call from the lady in tears after she had rescued her because she couldn't keep her. Millie has been through a real tough time however, she has now found her forever home and is all snuggled up on her new sofa.

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