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Rehoming Process

Before considering rehoming one of our animals please be aware there are a number of factors and points to think about- please click here to read through some of these.

We normally ask for a donation of:

Dogs under 12 months £240, and over 12 months £190

Golden Oldies and/or Dogs with a number of medical issues: £POA

Cat rehomed : £80 single or £140 for a pair
Kittens : £90 single or £160 for a pair

Stage 1: If you are interested in one of our animals or generally interested in rehoming, please:

  • download and save an application form (click on the links below)

  • Complete the form, save it completed and attach it to an email and send to

  • It is important at this stage that you consider if this is the right animal for you. Please consider if this animal can be rehomed in a household with other dogs, cats or children. This information is on each the animals post. 

Dog Application Form

Cat Application Form

Stage 2: The application form will be vetted by our staff to determine if this animal is suitable for you and your home circumstances.

Stage 3: We will contact you to arrange a visit to meet the animal. Dependent on the animal you are visiting we may require a number of visits to be undertaken to allow the animal to get to know you and your family.

Stage 4: We will arrange a home visit to see how your animal is in and around your home surroundings. This stage may require more than 1 visit and may include leaving the animal in your care for a day or overnight trial.

Stage 5: Final Interview with 2 Easterleigh staff. This is done to ensure you understand  as many aspects, traits and needs of the animal you are rehoming and allows us to ascertain that your home is the right home for our animal to go to. If we establish this is the case, the animal will be signed over to you at this stage.

We normally ask for a donation for the animal at this stage also.

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